Saturday, June 5, 2010

I love SBS

SBS is an independent broadcaster, most famous for its television coverage of international football, carefully watched over by a couple of awesome self-confessed soccer tragics.  In between the mandatory 16 hours of football each day, the station manages to squeeze in a number of interesting programs (most of them subtitled films with generous amounts of nudity).  It's officially called the Special Broadcasting Service, but I prefer the affectionate name Sex Before Soccer.

While searching for a podcast on the SBS website, I found a program that aired last night entitled The Perfect Vagina.  I was naturally intrigued, and it turned out to be a fascinating documentary about a new wave of plastic surgery for women known as labioplasty, and even crazier, hymenoplasty.  It raised interesting and disturbing questions about the way we view our bodies, and how many misogynistic pigs are out there.  If for nothing else, it was amusing to see how many tv-friendly synonyms for female genitalia were  used, including twinkle, punani, yoni, flower, mary & foo foo.

Anyway, it got me thinking about television stations, and reminded me of an expression I used to hear when I was living in a house full of European exchange students in Copenhagen.  There were a couple of Italian guys who would describe particularly attractive women with the tag 'f---able'.  With their accents though, it sounded more like 'for-cable', as in 'that women over there is hot enough to be on pay-tv'.  This led to a string of adjectives to describe women in terms of different TV channels, and identify whether they were 'pay-tv', or only 'free-to-air'.  Yep, us men are bastards.

Edit: To keep things even on the genitalia front, I'd better watch this next.